I was born in Los Angeles and raised between the vistas of the Topanga mountains and the landscapes of West Germany. I got my undergraduate degree in History from UC Berkeley. I also completed a year abroad in Bologna (Italy), where I studied Italian history, Women's Studies, and Middle Eastern Studies.

After graduation I lived in Paris and then Rome before beginning a graduate career at Columbia University, where I specialized in Italian, Habsburg, and Balkan studies. I also spent one year researching my first book in Italy (Florence, Venice, Trieste) and three years in Croatia (Zagreb, Zadar). I received my PhD in History with Distinction in 2007, under the tutelage of Victoria de Grazia, Istvan Deak, Volker Berghahn, Mark Mazower, Larry Wolff, and Samuel Moyn.

In 2006-2007 I was a Remarque Fellow and a Visiting Assistant Professor at NYU. In 2007 I joined the history faculty at the University of Miami and received tenure in 2013. For my second book I completed three years of research in Italy, Croatia, the UK, Germany, and the US. Currently I am an editor for the Purdue University Press book series Central European Studies and I am a Associate Review Editor for the American Historical Review. I was an editor for the Cambridge University Press journal Contemporary European History from 2015-2020 and I now serve on the journal's board.

My interests in the history of Modern Europe remain consistently focused on moving the spotlight away from the stories we all know, to those we have ignored unwisely.

At the University of Miami, my teaching introduces students to Europe as if it were an unknown world, emphasizing cultural and social dynamics alongside the political histories students so crave. For 2020-2021 I will be on sabbatical. Otherwise I usually serve as the History Department's Placement and Social Media Officer, a member of Faculty Senate, Director of Cognates, member of the Graduate Studies Committee, and a member of the university's Tenure Review Board. In the past I have also served as the Director of Undergraduate Studies and a member of the Executive Committee. 



PO Box 248107, Coral Gables, FL, 33124 (USA)

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