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"Rethinking the End of the Russian and Habsburg Empires: A Discussion with Joshua Sanborn and Dominique Kirchner Reill" for Kritika's "History Ex-Silo" series, sponsored by New Books Network

February 2023

MissedHistory Podcast: Dominique K. Reill: A Historian’s Murder Trail, the Nationalism Debate and Understanding ‘The Balkans’

January 2023


Botstiber Podcast: Dominique Reill on "The Fiume Crisis"

August 2022

September 2021


Botstiber Grant Award interview for project "The Habsburg Mayor of New York: Fiorello LaGuardia"

September 2021

In Memoriam: Peter Hanns Reill

July 2021


The Historian and the Murderer: A Croatian Historian's Death Ultimately Put Our Profession on Trial

June, 2021

Jutarnji List interview with Jonathan Bousfield on The Fiume Crisis

March 2021


BookStack podcast with Richard Aldous

February 2021

Great War Podcast: Interview with Jesse Alexander on "The Fiume Crisis: Life in the Wake of the Habsburg Empire"

January 2021

Great War Podcast

Zócalo Essay: How a Charismatic Populist Destroyed Christmas

December 2020

New Books Network interview with Steven Seegel on "The Fiume Crisis: Life in the Wake of the Habsburg Empire"

December 2020


BIAAS Austro-Americana Blogs:
"The Fiume Crisis: Made (But Not Primarily) in the USA"

December 2020

Kako je karizmatični populist Riječanima prije 100 godina pokvario Božić! (Croatian translation by Livio Defranza of Zócalo piece "How a Charismatic Populist Destroyed Christmas)

December 2020

Rijeka Danas
Grecian Echoes WNTN

Radio roundtable interview “Is Istanbul Next? The Cultural, Geopolitical, and Religious Dimensions of the Loss of the Cosmopolitan City in the Eastern Mediterranean” with WNTN Radio Boston (Grecian Echoes) and co-sponsored by Emmanuel College, hosted by Stamatis Astra and including Mustafa Akyol (Cato Institute) and Petros Vamvakas (Emmanuel College), August 1, 2020.

August 2020

With Rijeka-based monthly newspaper La voce del popolo, titled «La vita quotidiana a Fiume dopo la dissoluzione della Monarchia asburgica» (translation: Daily Live in Rijeka after the Dissolution of the Habsburg Monarchy), published July 24, 2019.

July 2019

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Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 12.13.16

With Trieste-based daily newspaper Il Piccolo, titled «La statua di D’Annunzio rende reale un mondo di esclusione» (translation: The statue of D’Annunzio makes real a world of exclusion), published July 10, 2019.

July 2019

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